Lincoln Middle School's Cajon

Lincoln Middle School’s Music Teacher purchased a cajon for the students to use. This purchase was made possible through the Lancaster Education Foundation’s Adopt-an-SDoL-Classroom Program.

The Adopt-an-SDoL-Classroom program has been matching educators with donors for more than a decade. Through a generous donation of $250 or more, a teacher will have an opportunity to directly purchase items of his/her choice to enhance student learning.

A $250 donation can be used to purchase dance books and music recordings for music teachers to connect music and movement. Or, flexible seating cushions for an elementary teacher to offer choices for seating in the classroom. Some teachers have used donor funds to purchase technology supplies like projector pointers and packs of stylus’ for their students. And, of course, books and classroom games are always on teachers’ wish lists.


Is there a donation size requirement?

Each classroom donation is $250 or more.  LEF charges no administrative fee for this program.

Is the donation tax deductible?

Yes. The Lancaster Education Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization.  All donations will receive an acknowledgement letter for tax purposes.

What can the teachers purchase with the donation?

Teachers can use the funds to purchase resources such as learning games, books, manipulatives and other materials that help them create an engaging and effective classroom learning environment.  Teachers may also use the funds for field trips, assemblies or additional student impact programs such as Artist-in-Residence.

What recognition do I get as a donor?

The door of the adopted classroom will display a sign acknowledging the donor’s name and the teacher will have an address, email and/or phone number of the donor to facilitate ongoing communication.  We may also highlight your gift in LEF communication.

Do I have the option of choosing a specific classroom or age group to sponsor?

Yes. You may name a specific classroom or choose a certain age group by specifying a grade level.  Grade levels in the School District of Lancaster range from the K3 program-12th grade.

Can I adopt the same classroom year after year?

Yes.  Just let LEF know that you wish to continue with the same classroom and we will be certain to allocate your donation accordingly.

When do the donations need to be received?

Donations can be accepted anytime throughout the year and will be held in the Adopt an SDOL Classroom fund until disbursed.  If the funds are not spent by June 30 of the school year, in which the donation was given, funds will be placed in the LEF General Fund.

Downloadable Donation Form (pdf)